Why choose Bymyanmar Smart?

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Traditional decoration technics and materials have been a headache for decades for the following reasons:

1. Time-consuming:

Traditional decoration normally takes at least three months up to one year. During the meantime, customers have to be running both ways between the project site and decoration material markets. Upon completion, it takes extra one to three months until the harmful chemical gases dissipate.

2. Unpredictable hidden costs:

Many projects have been agreed at the very beginning with unpredictable hidden costs, especially on labor and materials. It eventually turns out that the final expenses are way higher than the budget.

3. Difficulty in Quality Control:

Traditional construction appears to have various blurred standard. Along with variable construction technics and potential human errors, the final results may not be consistent and favorable.

4. Limited Style:

Due to the limitations of traditional materials, the style is also limited.

5. Difficulty in Redecoration:

Traditional decoration retains much architectural waste that could hardly be removed. As a result whenever redecoration is needed, it takes more time and cost more money.

6. Noise Pollution:

Traditional technics on decoration is a main source of noise pollution in neighborhood, which may last three to five years until every resident finish their construction.

7. Construction Waste:

Traditional decoration normally creates amount of construction waste that eventually pollutes our environment.

A more standardized product has been desired due to these facts that involve too many complicated segments from designing, selecting material, constructing, monitoring and accepting. And this was why we introduced Bymyanmar Smart.

Now with Bymyanmar Smart, we will do all for you.

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