Decorate your home within 15 days

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Bymyanmar Smart: You deserve a better home

Make your dream house come true within 15 days

Bymyanmar has several contract manufacturers that have been qualified with ISO9001-2000 Quality Management Systems and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Bymyanmar Smart is premade product that serves to satisfy our valued customers in need of modern, quality and affordable decoration materials.


1. Efficiency: Bymyanmar Smart is accurately manufactured according to designs so as to be installed efficiently----only a few days to complete works that take months.

2. Affordable: manufactured by contract factories, bulk-ordered by Bymyanmar and delivered straight to customers, no intermediary costs.

3. Quality: qualified by ISO9001-2000 Quality Management Systems, 70% lighter and 60% stronger than traditional materials.

4. Environmental Friendly: Qualified by ISO14001 Environmental Management System, no harmful chemicals.

5. One-Stop: Bymyanmar Team offers one-stop services including measuring, design, materials, construction, inspection and cleaning.

6. Customizable: could be highly customized according to different requirements.

7. 3X Visual Effects: Bymyanmar Smart decorates your space with visual effects that is at least 3 times better than that is made with traditional materials, while only extra costing 1/3 on money.

With Bymyanmar Smart, making a dream house come true has never been so easy and fast.

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